Bitbar Monitoring User Documentation

Because you care how your users experience your service where ever they are, when ever they are, the service needs to be monitored. Bitbar Monitoring provides a localized monitoring service using real Android and iOS devices with real mobile networks.

Each mobile app end point needs to be monitored for availability and speed. Bitbar Monitoring verifies mobile app end points are available and response as expected. In case of unavailability or errors, appropriate persons are notified to take action.

For more information on how to get started please look at our code samples on Github. These enable getting the first Appium driven checks running.

Any feedback and improvements to this documentation can be left at feedback@bitbar.com so we can improve these.

For any technical feedback get in touch through support@bitbar.com.

For more information, blogs and white papers on user experience monitoring and available plans checkout http://bitbar.com/monitoring.